It’s no secret that any breed of dog can be goofy,  but these ones certainly take the cake.

Dachshund: The little hot dog with legs. Many owners enjoy dressing these delicious little dogs in a bun on Halloween. Between their extra long back and their ridiculously short legs, it is hard to take these little ankle-biters seriously. It’s even hard to tell the difference between when they are standing or sitting as they are so low to the ground. If they are overweight, their belly could very well drag against the ground beneath them as they walk.

English Bulldog: You cannot help but love their squished-in nose, even if their snoring could wake the dead. These burly dogs may look tough, but they just really want to drool on your knee while you pet them. They love anything with wheels, skateboards being one of their favorites. They prove that wrinkles can be cute.

Corgi: You don’t even need to meet one of these little dogs before you’ve fallen in love with their big bat-like ears and brick-shaped body. Like Dachshunds, their short legs make life difficult, even if it’s just jumping high enough to get on the couch it can be an adorable struggle. These dogs are favored by the queen of England.

Great Dane: In photos, they look like tall majestic statues guarding their homes. In person, they are forever built like awkward teenagers who are not used to their long limbs. Forever clumsy and adorable, these dogs are some of the most loyal of the breeds and have been made famous by cartoons like Scooby Doo and Marmaduke. They can tower at counter level which leaves a lot of food within easy reach for snatching. They are the size of a small horse and can seem like a bull in a china shop, but are worth the love and loyalty they return.

Poodle (Any size): These dogs are all poof. Considered one of the most patient and trainable breeds, these dogs have so much hair that they can also be turned into works of art. They are a choice favorite for groomers in “Creative Grooming” competitions where their coats can be trimmed and dyed to be made to look like anything. The are the butt of many jokes based on the frou-frou appearance of poodles used for show and many people will pass when selecting a breed thinking that they are prissy. They couldn’t be more wrong! Regardless of all that hair, they are intelligent and have a great sense of humor. They love to please their owners and to make them laugh even better.

Australian Shepard: These high energy dogs keep you on your toes. They are incredibly smart and love to please their owners. The will fetch slippers or even their food bowl if you “forget” to feed them. Not to mention, they can often figure out how to open doors and get themselves into even more trouble.

Schnauzer (any size): The eyebrows, the majestic beard, the way they always look so serious all the time (that is, until you meet them and realize how dorky they really are). One of the smartest and most lovable breeds you can find, they even have a tendency to talk to you or yodel/howl when you speak to them! Schnauzers have a high prey drive and love to hunt, even if it’s just keeping your house flies under control for the summer. They love to be involved in everything you do, even if it’s a short drive because they love to feel the wind in their eyebrows and beard.

Springer Spaniel: This high energy goof loves to chase everything, even if it’s a reflection or light. They have the energy and determination to chase a laser pointer for hours and their floppy ears covered in curly hair are hard to resist.

Pug: These poor little dogs are born with eyes that seem to want to look in opposite directions and a squished-in nose that wrinkles up their whole face. It’s hard not to laugh at everything they do because they always look confused while doing it. Between the constant antics they get themselves into and the strange grunting language that they seem to speak in, it’s hard not to see the appeal of these lap dogs.

Puli: Known more universally as the dog covered in dreadlocks, these dogs look much larger than they actually are thanks to the overwhelming amount of hair they have. If their comical looks alone aren’t enough to win you over, consider that these dogs can also double as a spare mop when wet, to help “clean” your floors!