Professional Pet Grooming

Wash, comb, cut, style…

The heart and core of our business is helping your pet have a good time while looking their best. We bring the best tools of the trade, our experience and your vision to create a look that is perfect for your pet.

Putting Your Pet First

We are proactive in our grooming. This means that we watch for problem areas on your pet, and use procedures that help us eliminate problems before they start. That’s why you’ll notice that we are big on helping your pet avoid matting, and work carefully to trim problem areas in a way to prevent future problems.


Enhanced Care

When booking your pet’s appointment, be sure to mention any extra care you want to make sure pet receives. We can provide gland expression, flea and tick treatment, nail caps, ear cleaning, tear stain cleaning and more. Many of these services are already included in the package price, so don’t hesitate to communicate exactly what your pet needs so we can give them the best care possible.